Team Bliss hangs ten at CitySurf

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As your wedding gets closer, one thing many brides begin to do is center their days around working out and eating well to look their best on the big day. But, have you ever tried to center yourself on a surfboard during a workout? Well, the Bliss Bridal New Orleans staff attempted to get centered and toned with a workout class at City Surf NOLA!

Located in the Garden District of New Orleans, just a few blocks down from our New Orleans Bliss Bridal, City Surf is a workout studio focused around surf-inspired strength and conditioning group class formats. After some basic board info and instructions on the best ways to balance, Team Bliss was ready to surf and tone!

For 50 minutes the team did a combination of body-weight exercises, strength-training and minimal cardio. If you’re new to working out, or just looking to switch things up check out this new workout craze that’s sure to last. Don’t reside in the NOLA area? Don’t worry! Surf your way over to a fun workout in cities across the country like Dallas, Atlanta and Denver!

Thank you to City Surf NOLA owner Becky Hardin for an incredibly fun Team Bliss outing! Head over to their site and their social media to learn about how you can surf in to slim with their bridal bootcamp packages.

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