Bridal Fitness Tips from Franco’s Gym

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Something we always hear from our Bliss Brides is wanting to look and feel their best in their gown. If one of your goals is to get your fitness routine going read on for bridal fitness tips from Franco’s! Franco’s is a family owned and operated gym that started in Mandeville, LA who are about to celebrate their 30 year Anniversary! About 4 years ago, the Franco’s family decided to expand to New Orleans and open a boutique fitness gym in the Lower Garden District.  Located on Magazine Street, Franco’s on Magazine is the perfect fit for those seeking the very best and latest in health and fitness. Plus, in their new location the gym has become a great neighbor to our Bliss Bridal, New Orleans shop. Brides, read store manager Noel’s best advice on looking great in your gown…

Which exercise(s) would you recommend for brides who desire to target their arms for strapless gowns?

-Cable straight arm pull down from knees: balancing on knees forces you to keep your core engaged while focusing on your back as you pull down and shoulders and chest as you resist up

-Supine Kettle Bell Pullovers: on a bench, laying on your back, hold the kettle bell over your chest. Slowly lower the kettle bell behind your head towards the ground. Keeping a microbend in the elbows allows for the chest and triceps to stretch back to their full potential.  As you pull the kettle bell back over your chest, all muscles in your “armpit” area will begin to engage


Which exercise(s) would you recommend for brides who desire to focus on mid-section and lower body for mermaid silhouettes?

-Planks, all kinds of planks!

What is the best exercise for brides who would like to either lose weight or desire full-body toning?

-Coco’s Signature Cardio Barre Class can burn up to 600 calories in one hour. At the same time, it rips your arms and midsection to perfection and on top of that, rounds your booty to perfection!

Franco’s is an all inclusive boutique gym with full access to state of the art cardio and strength equipment. They offer over 60 classes a week in three different private exercise studios. To enroll in your next fitness class, contact Franco’s here.