Floral Inspiration with Leaf and Petal

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We all know how important florals are for your special day. To give brides a little insight on floral trends and how they can be incorporated into your wedding, we spoke with one of our favorite vendors, Leaf and Petal NOLA. Leaf + Petal is a full service floral design studio located in the Lower Garden District.  Currently we do weddings, corporate events, private events and local deliveries.  We offer design services and also have a rental company in-house, House of Modern Vintage NOLA.  We are actually adding a ‘shop’ section to our website soon, to make getting local deliveries and services more readily available for our fellow New Orleans flower lovers. Read on for their expertise!

At what point in wedding planning should brides contact you for your services?

-As a business, obviously, we love as much advanced timing as possible. Reaching out as early as nine months or so is ideal;  I mean, a year would be amazing, but we also understand life gets in the way sometimes. We try to be as accommodating as possible.  We’ve had people book over two years in advance, and we’ve had people call three days before the wedding.  Advice to future brides: less time usually results in more stress.

Since we’re in preparation for spring, what trends are you seeing?

-In 2018, in terms of florals, you will see a bit more natural aesthetic. I know everyone has been saying greenery will be big, which makes me really happy.  I personally love a big, romantic garden style bouquet. However, despite this trend-driven industry, L+P tries to be a less trendy and instead, we aspire to provide brides/grooms with something that caters to their unique, individual style.  Right now, I’m planning my own wedding. I feel that in 20 years I’ll look back on a garden style bouquet and think, “that’s totally me,” whereas me riding an alpaca through a succulent farm, I might look back an think, “huh…?”

What unique ways have you seen brides incorporate flowers into their special day?

-Incorporating flowers with sentimental meaning is always a great touch.  Sometimes people want to honor late relatives with specific flowers. For example, we added blue hydrangeas into centerpieces honoring a late grandmother who grew blue hydrangeas.  There are tons of ways to add florals, and we’ve been doing a lot of hair accessories, dog collars, you name it.  I think this is a great way to make your wedding/event uniquely tailored to you.

If you would like more information about Leaf+Petal NOLA’s services contact them here.