Top Tips for bridal gown shopping

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With the reality TV world showing brides a somewhat inaccurate portrayal of gown shopping, we see lots of brides who dread the experience. But the intense, pressured feelings created on shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” don’t always have to be the reality! Here are few tips to help make your experience an easy one!

1. Bring ideas- With all of the wedding magazines on the market and wonderful online tools like Pinterest a bride can really pinpoint what they like before shopping. Bring clippings and print outs of all your favorite looks. Handing over images of gowns you love can make the process much more successful. A lot of time, we have the exact dress a bride is interested in. It’s also helpful to bring pictures of your venue, color scheme or reception details. All of these help a sales associate understand the feel of your wedding as well as what type of bride you want to be.

2. Keep an open mind- It’s important to have an open mind when you’re on the hunt. Bridal consultants are very familiar with their inventory and can tell what’s going to look best on your body. Although most brides do extensive research for their gown before shopping, there could be the perfect piece that hadn’t occurred to you. It doesn’t mean you have to love it, but you just might fall head over heels for something you might have passed up.

3. Be ready to buy- You never know what great deal you could stumble upon when shopping for your gown. Whether it be a sample sale or in-store promotion, you always want to be ready when you find the perfect dress. Here at Bliss Bridal we offer a 10% discount on your bridal gown if you choose itduring your first visit at the shop… that can really add up in savings! You don’t want to miss out on a great “shopportunity”.

4. Carefully choose your entourage- Shopping for your wedding gown can be a very emotional process and you need to surround yourself with positive people. Pick family and friends who will give you honesty and constructive criticism, not those who run you over with their opinions. Be sure to leave home those who don’t understand the importance of letting you be the bride. The perfect shopping group includes people you are comfortable with.

5. Undergarments are key- Wear undergarments that closely match your skin tone. If you are shopping for a strapless dress, then wear a strapless bra!

6. Make an appointment- Letting shops know you plan to shop with them can be very beneficial to you. Here at Bliss Bridal we love to find out in advance when a bride’s wedding date is and what style dress they want. It gives us the opportunity to review our inventory and begin a mental list of all the gowns that could work. Also, setting an appointment can insure that you don’t have to wait. Usually in a shop, walk-ins are asked to wait until a bride who set an appointment is finished. Although at Bliss Bridal that means you get some downtime and a cocktail- it might not work well with your schedule to wait.

7. Know your budget- Having a budget in mind before shopping can cut down on a lot of lost time. It’s important to share your budget with your consultant and stick to it. Don’t try on gowns that are out of reach, it leads to confusion. An experienced shop, with creative ideas can usually get the look you want no matter what your price point. Don’t be ashamed to express your budget, a shop should respect your limit and be glad you’re spending those hard earned dollars with them!

8. Time is of the essence- Plan months in advance when shopping for your gown. Within the year of your wedding you need to begin shopping. Typically from start to finish, our brides see an 8 month process from ordering to wedding date. Of course the delivery time takes up a good amount, alterations are also a long process.

9. Keep it simple- Bliss Brides can purchase their wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, accessories, flower girls and rent tuxedos in one place. Centralizing all of the wedding attire to one place can be extremely beneficial. Just today we had a bride comparing bridesmaids colors to her wedding dress, which she bought in the store. We were able to use the sample to help make the decision. Matching the tuxedo vest and tie to the bridesmaids dresses can be tricky, but having all the color swatches for both right at your fingertips streamlines the process!

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