The 10 Commandments of Wedding Gown Shopping

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To ensure an easy and fun day of wedding gown shopping it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Follow these 10 tips for success:

1. Set aside an entire day dedicated to shopping. Make appointments at each salon you’re interested in and leave plenty of time between each appointment (allot at least one hour for the appointment and factor in driving time).

2. Start the day off with a healthy breakfast in case the day gets busy. It’s important to stay clear minded today and an empty stomach doesn’t help. If you can, stop for a light lunch too.

3. Wear proper undergarments (preferably those you plan to wear the day of). It also helps to bring shoes at the height your considering. This will allow you to order a dress and get a hollow to hem measurement if it’s required for the gown you want.

4. Bring pictures of the styles you like to help associates get a better idea of what to pull for you. This will eliminate a lot of extra time figuring out what you want.

5. Consider the entourage your bring with you. Too many opinions can cause trouble and it’s important to bring people you can speak freely with and who will support your final decision.

6. Be open-minded and consider gowns the sales team picks for you. A style overlooked on the hanger could look stunning on and might be the one!

7. Make sure you and the person paying for your dress are clear about the budget and are aware of how much can be spent. Also, be sure to factor in the veil and other accessories in that budget.

8. As you try on gowns sort them into a “yes” or “no” category. Once you’re done revisit the “yes” dresses. Have the “no” dresses removed from the dressing room to avoid getting overwhelmed. Process of elimination is the key to deciding.

9. Make your purchase with a credit card to keep a record of it. Most salons will require a 50% deposit to place the order.  

10. Once you’ve picked your gown, STOP LOOKING! Continuing to shop will just cause frustration and disappointment. Remember, you picked your dress for a reason and you’re going to look fabulous in it!

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